The path of the remote working future

Step 1. Good talent can call the shots and demand remote only positions, so expect to compete for them with money.

Step 2. The good talent can work globally, so the best companies can pay them enough to retain them. No longer is the talent pool restricted to workers in your office’s vicinity. 

Step 3. Weaker talent who was hired based on lack of other options in the immediate vicinity will now also lose out to remote workers from further afield.

Step 4. As the ‘left out’ workers become more desperate for work, they’ll offer cheaper niche services at the fraction of the cost of the stronger talent, allowing for specialised multi talent acquisitions that perform better than the individual good talent, and which can operate or be available 24 hours.

Step 5. Stronger talent won’t hold all the cards but then quality will start to slide as the job positions become fragmented and workers are replaced with semi-skilled options in poorer countries. What was once before a single position, becomes operated by “call centre” style groups of cheap workers outsourced to richer countries by organised talent businesses in poorer countries.

Step 6. Because it’s remote, the weaker talent from rich countries which originally got ousted by remote work tactics now become part of these “call centre” like businesses, offering cheap talent.

So don’t be too excited by being a remote worker, it may just make you more replaceable than ever before but by many people instead of a single one.


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